Keep the Lights on with an In-Home Generator

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Anyone living in East Texas during the winter of 2021 won’t soon forget the storm that knocked out power for most of the region for 7 to 10 days. Some areas didn’t have power for weeks.

Since then, thousands of East Texans have considered alternate ways to power their homes, from solar panels to full-house generators.

A full-house generator is an excellent electrical backup from your home and can run:
The lights, stove, refrigerator, and essential appliances
Medical equipment
Heating and air conditioning systems
And more

If you’re considering a backup generator for your home, contact Miller Electric today. We can help source and install a generator that will keep your home running when the power goes out.

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Why Choose Miller Electric?

  • We’re Experienced

    We have over 40 years of experience serving homeowners and businesses in Tyler, TX. You won't find a more dedicated and experienced electrician in the area.

  • We’re Safety Conscious

    Electricity is dangerous. We take it seriously, and that’s reflected in our installation and repair services. You can always trust work from Miller Electric.

  • We Believe in Upfront Pricing

    We provide accurate quotes and stick to them. We strive to offer affordable services that keep our clients safe and their homes powered.

  • We’re Service-Oriented

    We remain a family-owned and operated business. We like it that way because it allows us to serve and help our neighbors and fellow East Texans.

  • And More

    No matter what your project needs, Miller Electric has the experience and personnel to get it done on schedule and within budget.

Helping Tyler, TX, for over 40 Years

Miller Electric was founded in 1982 and has proudly served Tyler, TX, and the surrounding area ever since.

We’re a family-owned and operated business, and we like it that way. We believe in providing the best possible craftsmanship alongside the kind of customer service you’d expect from a local business.

When you come to Miller Electric for generator installation, you can expect a high-quality installation and a dedicated team to ensure you’re satisfied with the final product.

Contact us today to learn more about generator installation and to speak with a representative.

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Preparing to Install a Generator

A generator is an expensive–and potentially dangerous–piece of equipment. An experienced electrician should install it. Prior to installation, an area needs to be set aside and prepared for the generator.

Choose a Location

Choosing the right location is important. The area should:

  • Be stable & drain well
  • Have room for maintenance & installation personnel
  • Consider any HOA rules you must abide by

You should keep these clearances in mind as well:

  • Keep the generator at least 18 inches away from the home
  • 60 inches away from any doors, windows, or air intakes
  • Keep 36 inches in front of the generator for access & servicing

Site Preparation

You'll never need to do any site prep for your generator. We provide a pad that the generator will sit on.


On your installation day, Miller Electric will confirm all the details with you. We’ll make sure we stay in constant communication with you throughout.

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Get A Generator Installation Quote Today

If you’re considering a generator, contact Miller Electric today to speak with a representative. We can help you find the generator that meets your needs and get it installed in as little as 2 weeks.

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